For years, I’ve had a running list of foods I want to make, ranging from complicated projects to simple items I’ve just never gotten around to making before. In 2014, I crossed a ton of things off that list, including double crust apple pie (with homemade pie crust!), tortillas, potstickers, Indian food (chicken tikka masala with homemade naan), meatballs, flan, homemade crackers, bagels, cooked fudge, pad Thai, and fruit leather.

I wanted to keep that streak going, so in honor of the new year, I picked 15 things to make in 2015. It was an ambitious list, but I got a lot accomplished! Here we go:

  1. Falafel Completed on April 10 with this falafel!
  2. Crepes Completed on April 15 with these strawberry crepes!
  3. Croissants Attempted (and failed!) on September 7
  4. Challah Completed on May 11 with this challah bread!
  5. Mussels
  6. Macarons Completed on May 18 with these French macarons!
  7. Homemade pasta Completed on December 3 with this homemade lasagna!
  8. Souffle
  9. Banana pudding Completed on February 25 with this banana pudding!
  10. Pate a choux dough Completed on December 18 with these profiteroles with cinnamon pastry cream!
  11. Polenta Completed on May 13 with this Parmesan polenta with chipotle shrimp!
  12. Meringues Completed on February 23 with these blackberry swirl meringues!
  13. Fried chicken
  14. Soft pretzels Completed on January 23 with these homemade soft pretzels!
  15. Brioche Completed on February 18 with this dark chocolate orange brioche!