Jessica headshotHi! I’m Jessica, the cook, photographer, and voice behind Golden Brown and Delicious. I’ve been cooking and baking for as long as I can remember, and I want to share my passion with the world. I’m 100% self-trained, so I’ve learned a lot about food through trial and error (and by reading every food blog and cookbook I could get my hands on). Baking is my first love, but I’ve grown to embrace cooking savory meals since graduating from college, moving to Indianapolis, and realizing Mom and Dad weren’t going to be around to feed me forever.

Now I’m back in the St. Louis area (where I grew up), this time with my boyfriend fiance(!) husband and our ridiculously adorable German Shepherd in tow. I’m adjusting to life in another new city while turning strangers into friends with promises of butter and sugar.

Why Golden Brown and Delicious? Before the invention of blogs, I learned everything there was to know about cooking from my best friend: Food Network. I could tell you how to mince garlic and dice an onion before I’d ever touched either in real life. Thanks to Emeril Lagasse, Ina Garten, and Mario Batali, I knew exactly how to break down a whole chicken and whip egg whites into stiff peaks. But the one show I never, ever missed? Good Eats. Alton Brown is my culinary hero, and his sayings and advice have stuck with me for years.

By combining cooking and science, Alton made food fascinating, and I try to live up to his legacy with everything I make. He taught me what was (and wasn’t) good eats, how to bring a whole lot of flavor to the party, and that my patience will always be rewarded. Most importantly, though, Alton Brown showed me how to cook everything until it was GBD: golden brown and delicious. Alton Brown inspires me to expand my horizons in the kitchen, so I started this blog to document my adventures, for better or worse.

all about Jessica from Golden Brown and Delicious | goldenbrownanddelicious.comWhat kind of recipes will you find here? Mostly desserts, with a handful of dinners, appetizers, breakfasts, and other savory goodies sprinkled in. I love a good kitchen challenge, so while some of the recipes may be a bit complicated, I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. I cook almost exclusively from scratch (you won’t find any cake mixes or boxed dinners here), but I try to make things accessible for people who might be short on time. I want you to find something delicious to make, no matter what your schedule looks like. Some recipes may be naturally gluten- or dairy-free, vegetarian, or vegan, but my daily life is full of full of pasta, ice cream, and bacon, so I don’t have experience with restricted diets.

I hope Golden Brown and Delicious can inspire you to create something to share with the ones you love. Pull up a (metaphorical) seat and stay awhile. I love talking about food, so let’s connect on social media–my contact information is in the sidebar–and feel free to leave a comment on a post if you have a question about a specific recipe. Want even more? Sign up for the Golden Brown and Delicious newsletter. I can’t wait to cook together!