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Salted Honey Butter Popcorn

I feel like I need to make a confession: I eat a lot of popcorn. And I’m not just talking about the occasional bowl when we watch a movie or I want an afternoon snack. We go through a serious amount of popcorn, and I have a bad (good?) habit of eating a bowlful for lunch or even a late dinner. Until now, unless I’m making some kind of caramel corn, my popcorn routine was always the same. Drizzle with butter, sprinkle with salt, shove into face. But now, I have this. Salted honey butter popcorn has opened my eyes to new worlds of popcorn enjoyment, and I can’t wait to explore more flavors.

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Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits

I’ve been thinking a lot about your weekend breakfasts. Is that too forward of me? Maybe. But I seriously love sharing breakfast recipes on this site, and I couldn’t get fluffy, warm, buttermilk biscuits out of my head. So I made us me some. Topped with salted honey butter and strawberry jam. And now I’m sharing the recipe so you can get to planning your Saturday brunch menu.

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DIY Taco Seasoning

Happy Taco…Wednesday? So I know I’m a day late for Taco Tuesday, but I also knew you guys really needed this recipe for DIY taco seasoning. It’s the perfect way to spice up what may be a dull dinner menu with tons of flavor, without all the preservatives and tons of salt normally found in store-bought taco seasoning. While it’s easy enough to pull out all the spices every time I want to make tacos (or nachos or enchiladas or burritos…), I like doing all the “hard” work once and enjoying the fruits of my labor again and again.

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Barney’s Hiccups–A Tequila Cocktail

I love this blog for so many reasons, but one of the most awesome is that I have an excuse to play around with flavors I fell in love with when dining out here in STL. This little number, a super refreshing tequila cocktail, is a riff on something I first tried a few weeks ago at The Libertine, a local place doing some pretty amazing things behind the bar. Their version, called Skatalites in Jalisco, was one of the best drinks I’ve had in a long time, and I immediately knew I wanted to make a version at home.

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Cinnamon Blondies

Are you a brownies person or a blondies person? Before I made these cinnamon blondies, I was convinced that I was a brownies gal through and through. We’ve discussed my deep-rooted love of chocolate before on this blog, and I thought that was unshakable. Then I pulled these golden brown beauties out of the oven, and I started to question it. I’ve had blondies before, but these cinnamon blondies are a whole different animal. They’re sweet without being cloying, and the cinnamon chips give them a touch of spice. The smell alone after pulling them from the oven was enough to sway my vote.

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